06 March 2008

Golden Girl

She's driving to court, her wet hair tied up tight, shiny and streaked with strands of gold. She only needs to check herself once in the rearview mirror. The early morning sun bursts a soft golden light as she passes a slow moving white truck and switches lanes. She shuttles down PCH in her gold chrome Jaguar.

There is a wound. The Electric Suturist does not follow the girl in the Jaguar as the standard narrator would do, but instead puts the car in reverse.

She's on her way to court.
She has a son.
She has a home three blocks from the beach, a one story modern colonial with a lone palm tree planted and swaying in the front.  
The garage can fit two cars, but at night only one returns.
The house is big enough for three, but only two stay.
She lives with her son alone.
She tucks her son in alone.
She sleeps alone.
She ties her wet hair tight in the mornings.
She has golden complexion golden hair and a golden car and drives only in golden light.
Early morning and before night.

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