09 March 2008

Fashion District

Long Alleys.
Pushing through air greased by frying food, stained by old urine fouling up sidewalk.
Inside-out dirty socks left to rot.
Man with giant diseased feet in custom made sandals jingling a super-size cup of change, waiting for more.
Stroller wheels bumping shoe heels.
Trays of bracelets fake and shining like gold and silver.
Zapatos!  Zapatos!
Largee tees, three for ten three for ten!
Cotton Candy.  Cotton Candy.
Ice cream carts pacing, attached bells dangling and ringing, acting as the singing voice of soundless ice cream owners trying to make sales.
Mommy Mommy!  Why do you have to do that!
Mariachi music fast-forwarded blasting out of storefronts.
Headless mannequins with bodies that would make some plastic surgeons proud.
And clothes, faded clothes hooked and forgotten on barbed wire, the only items here not for sale.  

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