01 March 2009

Last Time

The door left open
Your car parked in the drive
My last invitation.

You looked right in the heart of my eye
As if you were trying to memorize
My face indefinitely
And I did the same with yours as we faced
At the entrance.  A sad long gust swept through
Hushed around the back of my neck and ears
The way your hands once did.

Outside, I looked for indication from the day the sun
Blending with the clouds the grass
On your front lawn neither dull nor shine.

I didn't hear you walk away.
I half expected you to be there, half hoped.  Watching me go
Casting me off to face the rest of the world without you
But I'm glad you didn't.
I could never have left

In the dark, your sad eyes roam towards me in dreams.  

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