21 May 2008

101 near King City

On the 101 heading north eighteen miles from King City
another splatter of bug cements on the windshield.
Easing along the low incline two lane highway
hunched hills on the left with grassed hair blown ochre by the high sun.
She sits next to me, her summer dress mint green and patterned arabesque sinks away as we rise on the road towards the sky blasted cerulean.
I switch the AC dial off and with the same hand warm her left thigh.
We turn away from what lies ahead and her eyes luminesce like two pools of rich gold brown, the warm midday light falling on her face.  

I stare through the mosaic of mosquito spread and can't sight the horizon.
The sun has begun its descent and I watch a black bird sweep down and away.
I turn to her one last time and wait until her smile begins to fade before I face the road and prepare with the land from the fleeing sky.  

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